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TESOL 2015: Getting the most out of your handouts with QR Codes

Thanks everyone for coming. Some people were having trouble downloading the poster from the conference app, so I’ve posted it here too.

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Visual Design for Classroom Materials CamTESOL 2013

It was my great pleasure to talk with teachers at the 9th Annual CamTESOL Conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The theme of the conference was Language and Empowerment and I hope that I have been able to help empower teachers to make better handouts which help students learn faster and easier.

The PDF of the presentation handout can be downloaded HERE.

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Two Presentations in Tohoku: Akita JALT and Iwate JALT

I had the great pleasure of going to Tohoku in September and conducting two workshops for the Akita and Iwate JALT chapters. In Akita I gave one workshop, Typography and document design for classroom materials, and in Iwate I gave that presentation and I also another called, Japanese copyright law and authentic materials: what teachers need to know.

In the first workshop, I discussed a number of typography and visual design theories, the research behind them, and offered some ‘best practices’ for teachers to think about when making classroom handouts. The handout for the presentation can be downloaded HERE and the references can be downloaded HERE.

In the second workshop in Iwate, I introduced authentic materials, discussed some of their advantages and disadvantages, noting that one of the largest concerns for teachers is the issue of copyright. I then outlined two main areas of the Japanese copyright law (the personal use limitation and the educational use limitation) and then discussed a number of example situations to help teachers better understand what they can and cannot do under the law.

It was a fun and challenging weekend in Tohoku and I had a great time. I want to say thank you to both the Akita and Iwate chapters for inviting me and also to the Materials Writers SIG for sponsoring me.

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