Are exams the point of universtiy?

Over at they have an interesting post about typical university student behaviors around examination time. Being that it is it is juvenile and full of dirty jokes, so be fair warned before click in this LINK. However, there is quite a bit of truth to what they are facetiously saying. I especially liked they way they ended the article.

Your professors are actually trying to teach you the subject. Exams aren’t the point of education. They’re the flaccid little appendix we still sort of need to test if people have been turning up. Exams used to be walking into a room with all the smart people and just talking to them until they decided whether you were a dumbass or not. We suspect most students don’t want to go back to that.

Now that higher education isn’t just for nobility we can’t do it that way. Hundreds of thousands of people get into higher education. This is progress. But it’s not going to be a perfect system.

You’re in college to learn how to think and do things. Exams are an extremely small part of that. If you treat the only minor obstacles in four years of opportunity unmatched in the entire history of human civilization as a huge hassle to be avoided, you’re right when you say the educational system isn’t working for you. But it’s not the educational system’s fault.

There is nothing else to say. That last paragraph is completely true, and in my experience, something that most students don’t get.


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