Matt Walsh, 1966 — 2011.

My friend, Momoyama colleague and fellow Osaka JALT officer Matt Walsh passed away today. He was 45.

I don’t know when I first met Matt; it was probably 2003 or 2004, but it might have been earlier. I don’t remember where I met him; it was probably at an Osaka JALT meeting, but it could have been out on the town somewhere.

The truth is that I didn’t know Matt very well. He lived in the south and I lived in the north. He taught at Momoyama High School and I taught at Momoyama university. He had been in Osaka for a lot longer than me and I assumed that he would be in Osaka long after me. I was in no hurry to get to know him better — I didn’t think that I needed to be.

I was always glad to see Matt and often had a laugh when I did. One of the best memories I have of Matt was from April this year. We were at the Hub in Umeda, for the Momoyama English teachers shin-gaku-nen-kai (new school year party), and he was regaling us with stories. We laughed and laughed.

I’m going to miss him.

I don’t know how long this link will stay active, but you can see some more pictures of Matt on his website HERE.


  1. #1 by greg myers on June 30, 2012 - 7:05 pm

    Hi Cameron,

    You don’t know us but my wife Masako and I were good friends of Matt’s in his early days in Japan when he went to university and was with Yukari in the late 1990’s just as he started his DJ career. I kept in touch a little with him and followed his teaching web-site from time to time. Please give all his friends my regards! HE WAS A GREAT PERSON!! He lived life to the fullest and I know he has influenced many in a positive way.

    He will be missed!

    Greg & Masako Myers- Kelowna, BC

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